Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Keep batter with Windows

Key Update Features:- 

Photos, 3D Feature, My People, Security, Microsoft Edge, Pen & linking

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There is a new Update on Windows 10 by Windows, in this Update Windows Clearly indicating that this Update is for Creators as Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, You can Update these new Features via Directly Windows 10 Site and know whats really new in this update. So lets us we know about above mention key features of Windows 10.

So The First Update that brings by windows 10 is

1. Photos:- There is new Update on Windows 10 Photos App that makes your Photos in Video With 3D Effects, Transitions, Music and Windows Ink. If you have used Movie Maker then you’ll be like this photos editing app. The Main Focus in this Update is on the 3D Editing, You may see before in Windows 10 a 3D Paint app, in which you can edit or make your 3D Photos with 3D paint App, this update is slightly battered then previous one.

2. 3D Feature:- In this Features like you might Be Seen Virtual Reality features in Android. View anything around you in 3D Creations and Graphics. When you create something in Paint 3D or in new feature Remix 3D creation, you can be seen in your Actual Surrounding, you can see those 3D Arts and you can share via the camera on your PC. Update new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on your PC and get full capabilities of inking mixed reality on your PC.

3. My People:- The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Bring more features like new way on My People app on your PC. Now you can Setup and Quick Access Your people and pin them in your communication list, and you can also pin this app in your quick access taskbar for batter convenient, and you can also add your mail and Skype people. You can send share File with your people by simply drag and drop feature directly onto the pinned contacts in your taskbar. Now when you pin your favorite contacts in taskbar you can send messages as well as emojis fro your taskbar.

4. Security:- Windows 10 Fall Creators Update also brings and Security update in which some new features like Voice-activated Power Commands in which now you can register your Voice and command Cortana to Shut Down, Restart or Sleep My PC, by just One Command.
The second Security update is in OneDrive, You can now see your OneDrive Files offline?? Yes now you can save files in OneDrive and access them like any other files on your PC and the best part is that you can save offline your file without filling up your Disk space.
Third Security Update is New Eye Control feature in which your windows 10 is more accessible with an on-screen mouse, keyboard, and Text-to-speech features by using just your eyes with Compatible Eye Tracker Like Tobii Eye Tracker 4C.

More Security Updates Like New Ransomware protection, Cloud-delivered protection and Virus and Real-time protection.

5- Microsoft Edge:- This Update brings new Microsoft Edge interface, you can pin your favorite sites directly to the taskbar.This update also brings long-lasting battery life according to windows.

6. Pen & Inking:- In this features it tells you that where you were you last inked on your PC. you can find your lost Pen much easier, use your digital pen to scroll, select items and advance your slider I the powerpoint presentation. This Update is very useful for people who goes office or in collage and also for the art makers. You can access your digital pen even on your lock screen, Note- This Pen & inking update is only for the microsoft PC that are compatible with Digital pen and any other PC that features Digita pen feature. So this is the some overview of the new update on Windows 10 and now you can update your PC directly via Microsoft Site 

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