How To Set Auto Reply Text Messages
How To Set Auto Reply Text Messages from your smartphone

How To Set Auto Reply Text Messages: How to Send Auto Reply Text Message

It happens so often when we have gone to a vacation or we are doing an important job, And then suddenly our messages and calls on our phones annoy us. If you want to be on a holiday or if you are doing something important and you want someone to not disturb you, So now you can set an automatic replies messages on your smartphone for any occasion and don’t be disturbed anymore when you are busy or doing something important. You can set an answer or simply set a short message like “Text/call me later”.

You can also set schedule using date, time, and days.
So for that, you need to download an Android application from the Play Store, which is called the SMS Auto-reply text message. This application will be available to you at Google Play Store.

 Let’s see what this application does.

  • You can set different profiles on it for the auto reply.
  • Each profile has its own settings( Silent mode, driving mode.)
  • You can set to Time, Week and Day also.
  • You can set the message of your choice.
  • You can make it also an emergency list for some important people.
  • And if you want that if someone is not in your contact list and you want to send an auto-reply, then you can also send a message from this application.
  • You can also record messages on this application.
  • It does a very low battery, and will not affect your phone.

You can also set this application to your default messaging application. If you are application liked switching to it by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

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