An Electric Harley-Davidson is coming soon

Harley-Davidson Electric bike first look

Harley-Davidson, the American company motorcycle manufacturer which is famous for its loud burbling, popping engine sounds, Is going to launch its first electric motorcycle within the next  18 months.                                                                                              Harley-Davidson’s CEO said on Tuesday that an electric motorcycle will be arriving soon in 18 months. The announcement happened after facing poor Q4 2017 earnings.Harley reveals out about an electric concept of bike four years ago but didn’t follow it up with a production two-wheeler.Last year was a tough one for the company. Retail motorcycle sales declined by 6.7% globally and 8.5% in the United States.                                              An electric motorcycle will not make burbling or popping noises as in another bike of Harley-Davidson. Instead, it’s more likely to emit a whirring sound. Harley revealed a prototype electric bike in 2014 but never said when the electric bike would launch in the market.

Unusually for an electric motorcycle, the motor must be mounted longitudinally, under the mainframe. A bevel gear changes the direction of rotation 90° to drive a Gilmer belt that turns the rear wheel. The same bevel gear gives the drivetrain a unique whirring sound, compared to the sound of a jet turbine or like an oversized vacuum.

Technical specifications of the electric bike:

  • Longitudinal three-phase AC motor/bevel gear/belt drive
  • Cast aluminum frame and swingarm
  • 7 kWh battery (estimated)
  • TFT dashboard
  • 460 lbs
  • 74 horsepower and 52 pound-feet
  • 17-inch rear wheel, 18-inch front
  • Electronically limited to 95 mph
  • Single disc, 2-piston front brake
  • trellis frame
  • direct drive powertrain
  • LED headlight
  • direct drive powertrain

As some other Harley-Davidson bikes, this electric motorcycle will be a luxury product, and about price yet not decided & no word to say what can be called about this electric bike. Yet The electric motorcycle market is very small around the world currently. If you have any Question let us know in comment section below