How to Find a Parked Car
How to Find a Parked Car from your smartphone

How to Find a Parked Car: Know how to find your parked car.

Many times it happens that we forget after parking our car that we have told our car to park. So now we are going to tell you that you can find your parked car with the help of your smartphones. Let’s know how to find your car.

(A) How to save your parking location on iPhone or iPad.

For iPhone or iPad you required iOS 10 to use this feature on your Device. Now follow these steps. Firstly you have to pair your device with CarPlay or with Bluetooth in your car. 

Turn on Show Parked Location. Go to Settings > Maps > Then Click on Show Parked Location.

Now Find Your Parked Car by simply following these steps.

1. Open Maps app
2. Click on the search bar, then choose suggestions from the list.
3. Now tap Directions and Choose Drive, Transit, Walk, or Ride.
4. Now Select the route that you want, now tap on Go.

(B) How to save your parking location on Your Android Device. 

Set your location to follow these steps.

Open Google Maps App > Tab on the blue dot that shows your location > now tap on Save your Parking.
Your Parking Location has been Saved.

You can also edit your parking location.

Google Maps app > tap the search bar > tab on parking location > now tap on Change location > Now tap Clear, to Delete your parking location.

You Can also Share your Parking Location.

Tap on the search bar > click on Parking location > on the bottom right side tap Directions.
To share your location, Click on search bar > Click on Parking location > now click on More info than Click on Share.

Source: Android, iOS

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