Bluetooth Speaker Under 2500
Bluetooth Speaker Under 2500, best buying guide

Bluetooth Speaker Under 2500: Buying Guide

Wanna Buy Some new Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Under Rs. 2500 or $39 USD, Here are Some New top 10 and Best Specker of all time that also fits in your pocket, so let’s know best Bluetooth Speaker Under 2500 To Buy in 2017.

JBL GO Portable

(1) JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker  Rs. 2,099

This is JBL GO Portable Speaker, it This Specker gives amazing audio experience with 3 Watts of Audio Wattage. The weight of this Specker is just 132 grams that makes it more portable and easy to carry around anywhere you wanna carry. This Specker come’s in different 8 Colores. All through the JBL is well-known for his premium quality sound and this speaker is also very nice. For specs, it has 3.5mm Audio Jack, Bluetooth Connectivity, and also it is rechargeable. 

(2) F&D W30 Pocket Size Bluetooth Speaker   Rs. 2,295

This is F&D W30 Pocket Size Bluetooth Speaker, This is Bluetooth wireless Speaker, it supports Bluetooth v4.0 and the weight of this Specker is 381g and it come’s in Two color variants, it has 1-year of Manufacturing warranty. The Sound Quality is also decent and gives average audio quality. 

(3) Zoook ZB-Rocker 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker  Rs. 1,999

This is Zook ZB-Rocker-2 Wireless Bluetooth Specker, it not only come’s with Nice Audio Quality but it also Come’s with Dynamic LED Lights and HD Quality Sound. It has 4,400mAh Lithium battery and has Audio wattage 10 watts. It has 6 Patterns of Colourful LED Lights.

(4) Skullcandy Barricade Mini Bluetooth Speaker  Rs. 2,399

This is Skullcandy Barricade Mini Bluetooth Specker it Comes with Batter Sound Quality with Audio Wattage 5 Watts. It Supports Bluetooth v4.0, this Specker is also Water resistant, and gives up to 6 hours of Battery life. It Comes in Two Color Variant’s.

(5) Boat Stone 600 Portable Bluetooth Speaker  Rs. 1,999

This is Boat Stone 600 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, it come’s with Premium and Precision Sound, with 360 degree Sound Quality. It has Bluetooth v4.0 Ulta-optimized version of bluetooth. This Specker is also IPX6 Water protection. It givesup to 8 hours of batyery life. It also Supports 3.5mm Auduo Jack.

(6) Ambrane Portable Bluetooth Speaker  Rs. 2,199

This is Ambrane Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that Come’s with Average Sound Quality and has 3,600mAh of Rechargeble battery, it has Sensitive touch button and 3.5mm Audio Jack.

(7) Syska KTS38 Portable Bluetooth Speaker   Rs. 2,199

This is Syska KTS38 Portable Bluetooth Speaker It Come’s with Average Audio Quality, It has 1,000mAh of Battery that given up to 4 Hours of Battey Backup and also it has 3.5mm Audio Jack with Bluetooth v4.0 and Weight is 230g. It Come’s in Three Color Variants at has Capacitive Touch Button’s For Controlling.

(8) Amkette Trubeats iGO 820BL Bluetooth Speaker  Rs. 2,499

This is Amkette Trubeats iGO 820BL Bluetooth Speaker, it is a Masterpiece of Sound to Roll Out High Resolution of Sound Quality. It Has NFC and Bluetooth Connectivity Technology also with Tab and Play. According to Company, it Gives Up to 15 Hours of Battery Backup with 2,200mAh of Battery. The Weight of this Specker is 331g. It has has a LED Display. It Come’s in Two Color Variants.

(9) Philips BT-4200/94 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker  Rs. 2,449

This is Philips BT-4200/94 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, It Come’s with Averge Sound Quality and it has 3.5mm Audio Jack with Bluetooth v4.0 and It Gives 8 Hours of Battery Backup. It also Supports USB Port. It Come’s in Five Color Variant’s.

(10) F&D W7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker  Rs. 1,599

This is F&D W7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, it Come’s with Decent Audio Quality. The Weight of this Specker is Just 540g and it has Bluetooth v4.0 with 3.5mm Audio Jack. It Come’s in Two Color Variant’s. It Gives 6 Hours of Battery Backup.

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