2016 Best Smartphone
2016 Best Smartphone

2016 Best Smartphone: let’s get started with category the smartphone of year awards

1st By Best Big Smartphone
2016 Best Smartphone, we all know that the Smartphone kind of get bigger and bigger every year the average phone signs a couple years ago was probably like 3.5-inch display now its probably up near for 4.5-inches maybe even higher than that but these are gonna be the phones that are best at taking advantage of being a big phone the best that use a big battery that uses big displays big displays features things like that so we number one first pick is going to be the Samsung galaxy S7 Edge.


Something has always been good about this and a lot of the note features actually this year trickle down into this galaxy S7 edge is really the phone shares a lot with great display excellent design and also with the big high-resolution display.

2nd By Small Smartphone
So the next category is the best compact smartphone the opposite of the best big phone so as a trend continues as phones get bigger and bigger its harder and harder to find a great high-end flagship small phone that the flagship compact smartphone is a really rare breed right now but the being said it still does exists, now by this category our one pick is the iPhone 7


The iPhone 7 is absolutely the best smartphone that Apple make right now and the performance is on point is maybe the best performer of any of these smartphones no matter what their size with that new chip it has great fat storage it has a great fast camera. and the 2nd place for best compact smartphone category is Google Pixel.
The google pixel also is again the best of what google makes right now it’s a smaller brother and attacks all of the same exact features that larger pixel XL does you get the full punch with the Snapdragon 820, so the pixel a great experience again in a pretty compact package.

3rd By Best Camera Smartphone
we can say that smartphone cameras have gotten really good now the margin of error sued this last year the margin of error between the number one best smartphone camera and the number five or six best smartphone camera is very small if you take almost any of ones on this list the overall winner is Google pixel and Pixel XL


for taking the best photos of any smartphone camera is one of the most hyped cameras actually of the year because the Nexus line that came before it didn’t take the best photos but thanks to the Snapdragon 820 and HDR plus new sensor takes fantastic photos it takes great low-light shots. So now our number two pick for best camera in any smartphone goes to the iPhone 7 plus we picking the plus variant because we could take obviously the iPhone 7 as well but the 7 plus not only takes pretty great photos great sharpness pretty great detail and obviously very natural colors and it shoot best video have any smartphone right now it support 4K video recording.

4th By Top Budget Smartphones
There’s lot more Budget options this year it’s been sort of a trend year, our number one pick for best budget smartphone is the Oneplus 3T


Now this one Comes in at a little over $400 USD so $429 USD right now is the highest end of what we consider budget there is much cheaper smartphones out there but as far as experienced those this is a hundred percent a flagship smartphone for features it has a Snapdragon 821 and with 6GB of RAM and then having new stock Android Experience on that pretty great 5-inch 1080p display and obviously the fingerprint sensor and a 16 megapixels rear camera and battery life is also good and it has some of the faster charging from any smartphone ever. and now in the 2nd position in the best budget smartphone is ZTE axon 7


it got a lot of hype for actually having some of the best speakers in any smartphone and it still has some of the best speakers it also has stock android experience and has a lot of hardware features people like so it’s pretty easy to go well there it has a great low price.

5th By Best Battery Life
This is Naturally going to shift towards the bigger phones again because to have a great battery life you need a big battery, this is for heavy user who uses their phone a lot and needed to last all day so if you are that person the best option for you is the Moto Z play.


The Moto z play will be a little bit of a thicker version of this will have the same software on the front it will have a very similar display a 1080p display same great specs 3GB of RAM wit 3500mAh massive battery and there’s something about what Motorola doing with battery that they won last year and that winning this year with the phone again Moto z play is getting people like six hours screen on time which if your android person you know how impressive that is so if you’re heavy android user and you want all day battery life you can’t go wrong with moto z play, there’s actually some other phones on this list that come pretty close the 2nd position is the google pixel XL it has a 3450mAh battery which is pretty close and it’s a larger version obviously over the regular pixel, it gives more than 5 hours of screen on time.

6th By Best Build Quality
We are going to call it the best build phone released in 2016 so we give 1st place to the Galaxy S7 Edge


it so good pretty again especially the gold version you can get a silver version titanium is so sleek and has so many features that people like to see in the high-end smartphone so it’s got removable storage it is water proof it got metal bands all the way around it’s just such a well-built the smartphone. and the 2nd position is got by the HTC 10 DC-10 it is built with a very nice design of unibody metal there’s so much metal.

7th By Best Most Valuable Smartphone
It also our Best Smartphone of the year, so the Best smartphone of the year is the Google Pixel XL.


This might have been the prettiest one in the world that might not have been the best look or feel in the hand, the software experience more made up for that and it optimization is great the battery life is great this one turned out to have an excellent camera the fingerprint sensor is smooth the home button smooth the assistant is smooth everything the animations are very pretty and also the multitasking and gaming performance are very smooth with pixel and our 2nd position is got by the iPhone 7 plus


even if it’s just for his performance this is one of the fastest and most impressive smartphone of the year.