10 Internet Tricks
10 Internet Tricks you must try and also Useful for you

10 Internet Tricks: Best Tricks to Try Out

We have the list of Top 10 Tricks that you can try Online and know how they work. In this, We are going to tell you most amazing and cool Online Tricks that blow your mind.

Here is No. 1 Trick:  haveibeenpwned.com

go to this site and Simply Enter your E-mail into the Search Box, and Click on Button Pwned, Now it will check if your E-mail has been Hacked or it has been misused at any point by someone. After Checking if your E-mail is Safe then you can also get Notification by Simply click on Notify me when i gey Pwned, so if your E-mail will misuse Some point in future they will notify you about it, as well as you can Search here for your Username instead of Your E-Mail Id, to make Sure that Your Social Media Accounts Are Doing well.

No. 2 Trick: Free Proxy,

did You ever know Google Translate can be your free proxy? Just Do this, Go to Google Translate and Select any language from here other than English Now go to the Other Side and Select English, Now Click Inside the Text field and Type the Full Website URL, that you want to Access Through VPN. For Example https://www.youtube.com, now after typing to the translated area and click on the link, now you are seeing the Site in VPN, and this is free, As well as you can use this Service to view other Sites instead of Google.com hope you were Understand this Trick well.

No. 3 Trick: QR Code Wi-Fi access,

If You want to Share Your Wi-Fi Access with Your Friends Coming to your House then Generate A QR Code with the Access Detail. Print it and Stick on Your Wall. all you have to do is just go this website http://blog.qr4.nl/QR-Code-Wifi.aspx and fill the thing which is asking for your Wi-Fi Detail, Such as Your SSID, Your Password, the Security encryption type, as well as Name of Your Wi-Fi. After Filling all needs Click on Generate Wi-Fi QR Code. Now it will Generate aUnique QR Code, now all you have to do is Print out a Copy of the QR Code and Stick it on Your Wall. So Everybody gets Wi-Fi Access Just by Scanning the QR Code, Now You are Free from Explaining Your Wi-Fi Detail to Each and Everbody, do this trick and Enjoy.

No. 4 Trick: Retro Game,

if you are a gamer then you must have to try this Trick, Just Search Pacman on Google and Click on the doodle, now sit back and enjoy your Pacman, it is a Simple game, but it’s still addictive and a great game to play on the web as a compact Online Game.

No. 5 Trick: Find Your Phone,

Do you ever lost your Phone and try to find it? then Search Find My Phone on Google to locate your Phone Instantly once you Searched Google will show you a small box on the Top, So on the Find Your Phone Box Click on Get Started, Once you clicked on it, Google will take You to its further steps, and you can track your Phone Down as well you can do Some Other Amazing things to find it.

No. 6 Trick: How to See Hidden Passwords,

So lets Try this if You want to find password from any account on any Famous Social Media Site , Go to Login Page and You can see the password is Showing but it is masked as asterisks (note: this appears only when password is saved) Now viewing the Password Simply right Click on Password field and choose “Inspect Elements” windows on your browser from here you have to move to the Highlighted area and pay attention to the first line, Now you have to change input type=”Password” to input type=” text” and for that you Don’t have to replace the whole line, instead, you can just click on the password and it will get highlighted automatically, now replace it with text and hit enter. now you will see the real password instead of the asterisks.

No. 7 Trick: Access International Google Search,

If You ever trying to Access International Google Search than try this, if you like Getting Redirected to Country Specific Google Search Page. Like Google.co.in or Google.co.uk, Try Http://Google.com/Ncr To Avoid this to make google.com as your default specific page to open every time when you launch your browser, just replace the current URL with Http://google.com/ncr and you are free from seeing your country specific Google Search page. Go Check this Awesome Feature.

No 8 Trick: Delete Any Account,

Do You ever wanted to Delete Your Account Permanently from Famous Social Media Websites without Surfing Through the Extremely Confusing settings, or without searching online instructions and process, We are going to tell you Direct trick for Deleting your account permanently go to this website JustDelete.me and delete your account from any famous Social media account for Example if you want to delete your Facebook Account, Just Search Facebook in the Search box, and it will show you the result, then click on it, and it will redirect you direct to the facebook delete account page, now all you have to do is Delete your account, by some less process. So if you want same to delete any account just do their steps.

No. 9 Trick: Coffitivity,

if you have no work and feeling alone then go and try this trick just Search Coffitivity.Com for morning moods, the Coffitivity recreates the ambient sound of a nice sound to enhance your creativity and help you work better. Once you are on the Site, they will play the Moring Sound, as the default ambiance, and if you want to change your ambiance sound, you can choose different cafeteria ambiance from the cafe library. well, if you are working alone, then this thing will definitely fit for you.

No 10 Trick: Feeling Boring?

if you are alone and feeling boring by surfing the web all day, we have some trick for you, Just go to Google Images and Search Atari Breakout, and Play it a while, and you may feel less alone and bored. Try this, if you feel bored of watching the video, we suggest you just free from your work, and try some breakout feel free and try this awesome experience, this trick is really nice.

Hope you Liked this Article on Top Internet Trick and You definitely have to try it once.


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